Work easier with these two tools to help in creating your HTML5 canvas project

If you're like me, you have explored all the new features of the HTML5 canvas element. But maybe you came away with a feeling that there isn't much there beyond a few simple basics.

I wrote Canvas Font Maker and Canvas Easel to help with my own projects. I'm now making them both available as free downloads to anyone who wants them. They aren't fully-featured, but get the job done. Hopefully, if I get enough donations (hint) then I can justify spending the time and effort to embellish them a bit.

Click on the links at the right to go to their separate pages to learn more about them and to download them.

Thanks for stopping by! - David Lindsley

Feedback: canvasfont at davidlindsley dot com

See it in Action!

Click here to see a page using output from Canvas Font Maker and Canvas Easel! (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, & Safari browsers only.

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